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Thank you for stopping in and looking around. I am an admitted paperholic and try to participate in all things stamped. In the past I have taught classes on unique techniques at our LSS and have loved every minute of it. My mind continues to want to create and share. I garner my inspiration from fellow bloggers, our LSS, and some of the horticulture magazines that come in the mail. Simple pleasures in life make me smile and that includes a simple yet elegant card or piece of paper that I see potential. Please feel free to share your work with me as I share my work with you. Enjoy your visit!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Grateful day #17

As I was to and walking from the mailbox yesterday, after the rain had subsided, I noticed so many smells.  The smell of the rotting leaves was more pronounced, the wet-worm smell was quite prevalent, and when I walked into the house, I could smell the warm wax pot I have going everyday.  When I proceeded to make and apple pie, needless to say the smells were wonderful and I thought, "I am so happy I can smell!"  And I am.  Without smell there is little that we would taste.  When a person has certain medical treatments, they lose their sense of smell, nothing smells good, therefore they loose their appetite.  I am Gratefull that I can smell -- it means there is little wrong with me right now - medically anyways  lol.  And it helps me appreciate many of the other gifts God has given me.  Inhale, think about what you can smell.  Enjoy your day!


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