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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day of Thankfulness #19

Today, as most days of my life for the past 6 years, I am grateful for modern medicine and the doctors who pioneer, develop and practice medicine.  I know that encompasses a lot of people, but I am very thankful that these people are out there.  Without them, I wouldn't be here anymore and when many of you look at your life and health, you would be in the same boat I am.  Those of us who have survived any type of cancer, probably wouldn't have survived without modern medicine and doctors.  The same goes for victims of accidents of any type that are catastrophic to any degree.  My husband had a quintuple by-pass two years ago.  When he went in for experiencing a tight chest, they wouldn't let him leave because they said he wouldn't make it back if anything started happening.  Needless to say, he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for modern medicine.  We live to ripe old ages only because of the major developments of medicine and the physicians who practice.  Babies are living that without the doctors, medicines and instruments, wouldn't.  I am sure that I need not say more, you get the idea.  Today, I say Thank you to all those in the Medical world.


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