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Thank you for stopping in and looking around. I am an admitted paperholic and try to participate in all things stamped. In the past I have taught classes on unique techniques at our LSS and have loved every minute of it. My mind continues to want to create and share. I garner my inspiration from fellow bloggers, our LSS, and some of the horticulture magazines that come in the mail. Simple pleasures in life make me smile and that includes a simple yet elegant card or piece of paper that I see potential. Please feel free to share your work with me as I share my work with you. Enjoy your visit!

Monday, November 28, 2011

27 days of Thankfulness

Today I give thanks for Hope!  I have hope, lots of hope.  I have been given a promise by my Father in Heaven that He will always be with me, never leaving me what ever may happen.  There are many who have no hope, you read about them all the time.  Some commit suicide, some hurt others feeling there is no other way out.  I will never be in any of these situations because my beliefs constantly provide me with LOTS of hope.  I know I am loved by my earthly family, but they can't always be here for me.  My parents live 10 hours north of us, my brothers live 6 to 10 hours north of us (Yes, we live in the south where it is nice, warm and sunny most of the time).  My husband's family lives 6 hours north of us as well.  Although my hubby is near me almost everyday, he can't always understand my feelings.  Being a man, he frequently doesn't have a clue on how to nurture.  But I believe in God.  A heavenly creator who created me for his delight and pleasure.  He made me to praise Him and as I do so, He also promises that He'll be with me at all times, in fact He asks many times in the Book he wrote through God inspired men, that He wants us to pray in all things.  Not just when we need something, but also when we celebrate everything, or question anything.  He gives me Hope.  He gives me reason to live, reason to love and most of all, reason to hope in and for all things!


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