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Thank you for stopping in and looking around. I am an admitted paperholic and try to participate in all things stamped. In the past I have taught classes on unique techniques at our LSS and have loved every minute of it. My mind continues to want to create and share. I garner my inspiration from fellow bloggers, our LSS, and some of the horticulture magazines that come in the mail. Simple pleasures in life make me smile and that includes a simple yet elegant card or piece of paper that I see potential. Please feel free to share your work with me as I share my work with you. Enjoy your visit!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 10 of Being Thankful

I must say that today I am very thankful for Flowers.  If you read my bio, you know that I am a Horticulturist by degree.  I love plants.  Every plant in my yard (and I have literally hundreds) is planted with a post next to it with the latin name and the common name.  I have over 300 daylilies alone, nearly a hundred hostas, trees of all different types, shapes, flowering abilities, and bark textures.  Many of these plants inspire me in my card creating journey.  Some of the most beautiful flowers are the ones that seem to be understated in the botanical world.  Yesterday I posted a Chocolate and lattee based card, I have a Daylily called "Milk Chocolate" and the colors in it are reflected in the card.  On my worst day, hand me a flower and you'll instantly watch my face light up.  My hope for heaven is that God will let me work in His beautiful garden, to me, it would be the most wonderful labor of  love that there is, in fact, it wouldn't be labor at all ;)


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