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Thank you for stopping in and looking around. I am an admitted paperholic and try to participate in all things stamped. In the past I have taught classes on unique techniques at our LSS and have loved every minute of it. My mind continues to want to create and share. I garner my inspiration from fellow bloggers, our LSS, and some of the horticulture magazines that come in the mail. Simple pleasures in life make me smile and that includes a simple yet elegant card or piece of paper that I see potential. Please feel free to share your work with me as I share my work with you. Enjoy your visit!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 16 of Gratefulness

Well, I am so surprised that I posted my card and forgot my day of Gratefulness.  I had thought of it, just don't know why it didn't get written down here.  I am so very thankful for Transportation!  Sound strange?  Think about it, it really wasn't that long ago when the only transportation was walking (OK, if we still walked, not quite so many would have the weight problem I do  LOL).  With the passage of time and man's innovation to make things go faster, we now have automobiles to get us from here to there usually in less than a day!  And if you include flying, you can get almost anywhere in 24 hours.  Sure beats the horse and buggy.  But I must admit, the horses breath smelled a lot better than car exhaust does!  And the waste by products are a lot more useful in my garden :)  Thank you Mr. Ford and your competitors for being diligent in your dreams and making our lives easier.

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