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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 of being Thankful

You know, this sounds kind of strange and selfish, but I am very thankful for Food!  lol, I know, the answer is yes, I do enjoy eating.  I enjoy the taste and layers of flavors.  I usually have a garden every year and at the end of the year I put the garden "overages" up in the form of canning, freezing, drying or whatever.  I do this because I have very sensitive taste buds and I don't like the taste of "tin" or aluminum in my food.  I like it to be fresh.  When I can, I have control of what is going into my body, not to much salt, plenty of herbs and other spices and no preservatives.  That way when I make something, I can take a basic sauce and layer it up with all the different herbs I want and I can taste each one.  It tastes soooo good!  Like the Maple Walnut Pumpkin pie I made last night.  It is the first recipe I have made that you don't sweeten the pumpkin, but instead make a streusel topping that starts out on top, but then ends up in the center.  The streusel topping only has 1/4 c sugar, and that is all the sugar in the whole pie!  Well, let me tell you, that is one of the best pumpkin pies I have ever eaten!  To top it off, hubby normally doesn't like pumpkin pie, but let me tell you he is all over this one!  lol.  Well, this is all a bit off the subject of food.  I talk of pie, but there are many who have only rice and water each day and sometimes not even that.  Again, I look at myself and know that God has blessed me to be born and live in a country where most everyone has at least one meal a day.  So yes, I am Thankful for food ;)  Blessings!

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Jan Marie said...

Oh yum! I'd be so THANKFUL, if you'd share the recipe for this scrumptious sounding pie! :D Blessings!