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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Gift for a dear person

Several years ago I was in a fairly bad car wreck.  I lost the use of my feet and legs for nearly a year and still don't have full use of my right foot anymore.  There were some really dark times during this period.  I am a horticulturist, I love the outdoors, I love animals.  Now I was basically housebound due to the fact that wheel chairs don't really go through the grass very well, and traversing 6 + acres on your hands and knees just isn't very realistic.  I have a friend who's daughter came over several times.  As a family they brought over meals for us several times to help alleviate the pressures and demands on my husband as he had not only my regular duties to take care of on top of his already huge list, but he had to take care of me as well.  Cori Beth came with her mom bearing gifts of culinary delight for me each time she came.  I cherished those gifts greatly at that time.  Now Cori Beth has gone off to college, she is quite a ways from home and her family life was always close, so distance does make this new journey in her life just a little harder.  So I have been making her a little Art Journal to keep a record of this up and coming year.  To hold this journal I have "re purposed" a wooden cigar box.  I will show you the Cigar box outside as it is pretty much complete at this point
First I painted the whole box black, then sprayed it with Gold decor String.  Then I wrapped the entire box with 1 1/2" pleated black ribbon, and wrapped that with a lace that had a pearl string tied into the middle of it.  Next I put on the legs/feet that Tim Holtz designed.  They give such a nice continuance to the feeling of the box.  Finally I put a Crown front and center by the box opening divit, for the little princess who helped reach me in my dark pit.
Here favorite color is red.  Her prom dress was my inspiration here.  Her dress was a beautiful red with lace and lots of sequens and rhinestones down the front.  To emulate the dress I used Bedazzles to brighten up the top of the box, and added a metal embellishment that I have had for years and just couldn't find the right place for it.  Here it fits perfectly!

She looked rich and I wanted the box top to be rich looking as well.

With Lots of details, I am hoping this gift will make her smile as she journals about things that make her happy and smile as well.  Thank you Cori Beth for inspiring me, now I hope I inspire you ;)


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Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Oh my goodnes, Cindy Lou, this is such a beautiful and ever so elegant box!! I absolutely LOVE all of those stunning flowers and little touches! I am sure Cori Beth will love it! TFS! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina