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Friday, February 3, 2012

Just checking in and my G45 mini-album "ABC Primer"

Good day everyone!  I know, I have yet again been gone for quite a while, but it was all good :)  You see here in KY we have been having one of the nicest winters in a long time.  Day time temps have been between 50 and 60 degrees outside.  Perfect weather to weed a garden, so that has been what I have been doing with most of my time.  On the off chance of rain, I have been working on a project for one of my newer Grandchildren (we have two under 2 and one on the way!)  And frankly, I have been lax in getting things out to celebrate the births.  So now I am working on personalized mini albums so that all mom has to do is put in the pictures, jot down a little note about what's happening and Viola! A complete album.  This first mini-album is made with Graphic 45 papers, specifically from a line called ABC Primer.  There are a lot of pictures in this, so it might take you a minute.  I show each page with and without the photo pages and tags.  All paper is G45, the black cardstock is Hobby Lobby.  Trinkets, odd Alphas, etc all come from my stash over the years.  My glue is either 1 - wet: Clubscrap binder's glue or 2 - dry: ATG gun with double sided tape.  Inks were TH's Distress inks, Vintage photo and black soot.  When completed the covers were both covered with Matte Medium to protect the papers from moisture and other damage. Final embellishment was a black Grosgrain ribbon and buckle to help keep the book closed and the future pictures safe inside.   Enjoy looking and I'll keep my comments very short :)

The book is six regular pages and two pocket pages thick, you can see here the depth of the book.  The book is bound as opposed to rings.  I personally prefer the look of a finished book, gives is a little more classy look.  Front and back covers were made of chipboard, the regular pages were made with cereal box cardboard painted black with acrylic paint. 

Front cover inside has a pocket page that holds two journaling tags and one photo mat.

Pocket page with all it's elements out.
This page is a pocket page behind a flap, you can see I have already pulled out the photo mats for display.   I still need to put tabs on these photo mats.

This page shows the p.m. back in and then flap flipped up.  On the top flap you can see the magnet for closure.  Underneath the flap there is another side pocket with a tag and a small envelope.

This next page is also a flip up page, this one has an old antique button with Jute twine for a lifting agent.

When you flip this page up, you have two side pockets of which each contains a tag.  Also the flip page can be used as a photo mat and or journaling page.

This next page is a slider page.  Sliders never work quite right for me, so this one has been improvised upon as well :)  You are supposed to have a single tab at the top to pull up and push down with, but mine has a tab at the top and at the bottom, it works best of you pull both simultaneously.

Here the tabs are just started partially pulled out.

Here the slider is fully extended.  This page is just for pure entertainment, there are no tags or photo mats.

This next page is a time page, the second clock face has crystal effects on it.  The numerals on the left are left over from a clock making kit.  The stop watch charm at top is out of my stash.  Contained in this page are two tags and one photo mat.

Another tag that needs a tab yet, and now a side view so you can see the dimension.  I love texture and dimension :)

The next two pages are Envelope pocket pages.  Each contains a small photo mat and one has a tag, while the other has a small envie.


Love how the ruler holds the tags in and the little half sphere on the bottom is popped up with foam tape so that the articles being held don't slip out the bottom either.

Envy Pocket page 2:

The next page:


is a corner pocket page containing two photo mats.  Then I found this cute little glassine envy so I made a tag to fit it and put it on the corner pocket so it too could have something done with it.

 This next page is strictly a photo mat page.

 This next page has two pockets the back one of which contains a photo mat, and the front which contains a small book for a child's story, writing, first letters written, or whatever. 
The little booklet has also been distressed and is tied together with Jute cord.

This next page is another side pocket page with a photo mat.

 This page is another flip page.  Lift the red tab and . . .
 You've got three file folders with three tags and a couple of loose flashcards.  An alpha strip secures the tags in place.
The flip page has room for a photo on the front and journaling or another photo on the back.  The small nameplate on the bottom is usable as well.  The top is open to slide a name or whatever down into the display plate.

Another corner pocket page with a photo mat and then a small side pocket with a tag, the button holds the tag secure so that it doesn't fall out :)

Another photo only page  with a name place at the bottom.

 Finally the back page inside the back cover.  It is an Envie pocket with a photo mat and a tag.
Well, that's it for this book, as I mentioned I have a few more tabs to put on tonight, and then I have to make a couple of cards for some birthdays I have coming up.  Hope you enjoyed looking at my version of the ABC Primer mini-album.  My inspiration is Charlie Jones and if you look on YouTube you'll find her many tut's on how she does different things.  Thanks for looking!  Keep checking back, I'm here, just playing out in my gardens (My helebore is blooming so perhaps I'll take a pic and show you one of the many reasons for why I love being outside



Beate said...

Wow! Cindy. Your book is amazing. Each page is a work of art.
Hugs and smiles

Marta y Moli said...

Cindy! I see your blog by first time and I love it! Your work is very good. Now I follow U. Kisses from Spain!

Lisa (Needles and Wool) said...

wow this looks amazing, I love altered books. I made one in highschool and would love to make one again after looking at yours. It is so creative!

Lisa :)

Monika/Buzsy said...

What an amazing book Cindy. Love the pretty papers, the touch of red with the black... the pockets are so much fun!

Clare Charvill said...

Hi Cindy

Just came across your take on my ABC Primer Album. Love it. Wishing you a Happy New Year and heres to a crafty 2015 x

Charlie Jones :-) C